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Aesthetics of Human Environments

Arnold Berleant, edited with Allen Carlson
The Aesthetics of Human Environments
(Peterborouch, Ont.: Broadview, 2007).

ISBN-10: 1551116855 |  ISBN-13: 978-1551116853

The Aesthetics of Human Environments is a companion volume to Carlson's and Berleant's The Aesthetics of Natural Environments. Whereas the earlier collection focused on the aesthetic appreciation of nature, The Aesthetics of Human Environments investigates philosophical and aesthetics issues that arise from our engagement with human environments ranging from rural landscapes to urban cityscapes. Our experience of public spaces such as shopping centers, theme parks, and gardens as well as the impact of our personal living spaces on the routine activities of our everyday life are discussed in terms of their aesthetic value and the nature of our aesthetic appreciation. This volume will appeal to any reader concerned about the aesthetic quality of the world in which we live.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Aesthetics of Human Environments

Arnold Berleant and Allen Carlson

1. Cultivating an Urban Aesthetic

                Arnold Berleant

2.   On Aesthetically Appreciating Human Environments

Allen Carlson

3.   Urban Richness and the Art of Building

Pauline von Bonsdorff

4.  Multi-sensoriness and the City

Yrjö Sepänmaa

5.   Walking the City

David Macauley

6.   The Last Stop of Desire: The Aesthetics of
       the Shopping Centre

Mikita Brottman

7.  Cultivating Commonplaces

Barbara Sandrisser

8.   Deconstructing Disney World

Arnold Berleant

9.  Living in Glass Houses: Domesticity, Interior Decoration, and      Environmental Aesthetics

Kevin Melchionne

10.  Everyday Surface Qualities: 'Neat,' 'Messy,' 'Clean,' 'Dirty'

Tom Leddy

11. The Aesthetics of Playtime Recycling

Janet McCracken

12.  Gardens, Nature, Pleasure

Stephanie Ross

13.  The Search for a Garden and the Red Barn: The Pervasive        Pastoral and its Environmental Consequences

Sally Schauman

14.  The Role of Aesthetics in Civic Environmentalism

Yuriko Saito

15.   Aesthetically Appreciating Agricultural Landscapes

Allen Carlson

17.  The View from the Road and the Picturesque

Malcolm Andrews


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